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We are a brand new platform for Australian Country Music Artists to release music to the public.
We want this to work for you, so as a special introduction, register now and upload your music for free!

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Our big idea

Country Music Out Now is about brand new music from Australian artists.
We connect you and your new music directly with the Country Music fan!

Our platform is designed to be a FREE, membership based information site for country music fans, promoting the latest singles, albums and videos from Australian artists,
providing a direct link to the artists website, store and digital music purchase.

We aim to be the go to site for Country Music Fans, to find the very latest releases from their favourite artists, all in one place.
We know you all have your own fans and supporters, email database and followers on social media etc. But we have everyone else's supporters too.
Our members are country music fans. You can now reach everyone in one place and let them know when your new music is out.

So if you have a New Album, New Video or New Single, release it on Country Music Out Now.

Even if your album has been out for a while, why not choose a single and release it.

Our Platform

Here's what the platform is all about, as soon as you register, we will give you a login and away you go.

Our Pricing

For a limited time you can register, and upload up to 3 releases from your current album for FREE.

Why is it free ??
Simple, we want this to work.

We believe so much in the potential of this platform, not only as a go to app for country music fans, but most importantly a valuable tool for all artists to release new music directly to the fans. Moving forward to cover the costs of maintaining and updating the site, we will need to apply a small charge to release music. But.. our pricing will be very very affordable.
We understand how expensive everything is, especially for indie artists, we don't want to add to the problem... We are the solution !


Register Now for free and get your music out there to the fans.We look forward to having you as part of this exciting new platform.